RETAIL / Omiya, Saitama


With a concept of “creating culture in people’s daily lives”, FREE’S SHOP is a women’s boutique that creates culture through fashion. It bases such creation on the proposal of global lifestyle ideas. When FREE’S SHOP decided to renovate their store in a shopping center in the Tokyo suburb of Omiya for...

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RETAIL / Ginza Tokyo


BEAMS opened the flagship of their “Demi-Luxe” stores in March 2012 across the street from their renovated BEAMS Ginza store. The 3-story shop (from 1st basement to 2nd floor) was organized as a “modern villa” with each floor designed as the “home’s” grand entrance, living room and closet. The c...

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RETAIL / Ginza Tokyo


BEAMS reopened their Ginza store in February 2012. The redesign of the store involved nearly 285 square meters across the 2nd and 3rd floors as well as a new first floor entrance that connects the store to the street. For this project Jamo paid especial attention to creating effective zoning for the shop’s long narrow floor plan a...

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RETAIL / Sendai


In March 2012, the Japanese retailer BEAMS moved its store in Sendai to a building situated in the city’s most beloved district. The store carries men’s and women’s apparel spanning casual and business attire as well as items for “special occasions”. With the aim of making this diversity of product external...

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RETAIL / Sakaikita-hanada Osaka

Sharing Room

Japanese apparel manufacturer Point operates a store called "Sharing Room" in the Aeon shopping mall in the extravagantly named Sakaikitahanada area of Osaka. The shop stocks Point's popular men's brand "RageBlue" and casual but edgy women's brand "Heather". As a point of departure for the shop&...

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RETAIL / Nagoya , Japan


This is the first store for the brand Enfold, started for the 2012 spring/summer season by Baroque Japan Limited’s creative director Mizuki Ueda. With the concept of “hidden beauty”, the store is interested in forms that are beautiful regardless of what angle they are viewed from. Jamo created racks like one-of-a-kind ...

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WEDDING / Kobe Hyogo


The Kitano Club has been known as the foremost meeting salon in Kobe. To carry on that history and tradition, the wedding and function hall “Kitano Sora” opened on a lush green hill in 2005. For the renovation of its “Grace Villa” banquet hall, Jamo’s concept was to create a landscape where visitors are tre...

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RETAIL / Harajuku Tokyo


Anima is a new women’s sportswear brand by Japanese apparel manufacturer World and is centered around “running, fitness and yoga”. For the opening of the flagship store in Harajuku, the brand’s director proposed the theme of a “sharp” and “clean” interior. With that in mind, Jamo used a mo...

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EATERY / Fujisawa Kanagawa


In November 2011, the shop Actus opened a new store in the so-called “village zone” of the largest shopping mall in Tokyo’s seaside suburb of Shonan. Jamo designed Actus’ first floor apparel section as well as its 50-seat outdoor cafe on its second floor. The Søholm Cafe’s director described its tong...

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RETAIL / Shinjuku Tokyo


Keita Maruyama held a cherry blossom festival-themed exhibition on the center stage of Isetan Shinjuku’s 1st floor from 28 March to 3 April 2012. The concept of the exhibition was “beautiful country, kind people” and the theme given to us by Keita Maruyama was to have a space that reflects the “sense of elevation...

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EVENT / Firenze, Italy


Versus Tokyo exhibited for the first time at Pitti Immagine Uomo, Italy’s ready-to-wear trade fair for menswear. The exhibition was part of the “Tokyo Fashion Week in Italy” project and “Cool Japan” promotion of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Brand director Yuichi Yoshii chose &ldquo...

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RETAIL / Nagasaki


The building for BEAMS’s new store in Nagasaki was built in 1990 and was only redesigned in its current incarnation as a commercial building after going through a phase as a baroque-style wedding chapel. Jamo was asked to design the men’s and women’s BEAMS shops on the 1st and 2nd floors as well as some of the areas sh...

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RETAIL / Yurakucho Tokyo

attaché d' IDÉE

For the brand IDEE, which sells primarily interior and lifestyle products, opening a shop-in-shop in the Yurakucho branch of LUMINE apparel shopping buildings meant developing a new kind of store. Jamo created the store design with the image of a “storage box” or “warehouse” in mind so that items of diverse shape...

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RETAIL / Hong Kong, China


The concept shop THE CONTEMPORARY FIX opened its second location in the first basement "Woodhouse" retail section of Hong Kong's Chungking Mansions. The shop's director determined the theme for the store would be that of "sport", which Jamo interpreted through a modern lens and carried over into the overall d...

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RETAIL / Nihonbashi Tokyo

Demi-Luxe BEAMS

The store Demi-Luxe opened in the Coredo shopping center in Tokyo's central Nihonbashi area. Its target customers are women who have grown up with an understanding of what it means to have a sense of "high quality". The theme for the interior is "a space that appears to reflect a particular woman's hobbies." ...

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