apart by lowrys Kanazawa

RETAIL / Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 2013

Apparel manufacturer Point opened a store for their “Apart by Lowrys” brand in the Forus shopping center in Kanazawa. The 51-square meter space includes a shop-in-shop space for one of the company’s accessories brands, “Mallicka Flicka”. Jamo’s design follows the concept for other Apart by Lowrys stores (“a woman’s ideal Paris apartment”) and then uses glass partitions to distinguish the apparel and accessories brands. An 18-meter long opening and separate entrance are devoted to the shop-in-shop to keep the accessories area from getting lost in the main store. In addition to details that define other Apart by Lowrys shops, like wall moldings and oak floorboards in a herringbone pattern, Jamo designed new fixtures finished with chalkboard paint. We used details that hold up well over time and also give the space a slight industrial feel that keeps it from feeling overly cute.