RETAIL / Kyoto, Japan, 2013

Beams Kyoto reopened on the 1st floor of the Fujii Daimaru shopping center. It incorporates a Beams Boy shop moved from different location. The 115-square meter space is long and skinny sideways with high ceilings. To take advantage of these inherent qualities space, Jamo designed the store with the concept of a renovated wooden structure house consists of beams and posts. The challenge was to develop the space so that different areas that represent different Beams brands work harmonically with one another in the space as a whole. Since the space has 2 entrances at either end, Jamo gave especial consideration to how customers would access the store. We created a men's section at one end and women's at the other, thus creating sales areas not based on the way foot traffic would flow through the store but based on the types of product to be sold. White and unfinished wood creates a neutral palette for the interior that will hold up over time and through changing trends.


延べ床面積115坪。別店舗で営業していたBEAMS BOYを統合するかたちで、京都藤井大丸1Fに移転リニューアルオープンを果たした「BEAMS KYOTO」。横長の区画、高い天井高という恵まれた物件の条件を生かし、木の角材で建てた家をリノベーションするというコンセプトで設計をスタート。改装に際して意識したのは、効果的なゾーニングと複合店の課題であるショップ全体としての調和。外部からのアプローチを考え、2カ所あるエントランスをメンズとレディスそれぞれのセクションに直接アクセスできるよう振り分けるなど、主導線から空間を考えるのではなく、商品構成に併せて機能的に売り場を配置。また、白とナチュラルなウッドを基調に、あえてニュートラルな意匠感を狙うことで、トレンドや時代感に左右されない耐久性のある空間に仕上げた。