Meetscal Store by once A month

RETAIL / Shibuya Tokyo, 2012

The shop “Meetscal Store by once A month” opened in the Parco Part One shopping center in Tokyo’s Shibuya area in September 2012. The store’s theme is summed up in the phrase “meets culture, meets local”. Making use of Parco’s unique network, Meetscal sells a highly edited collection of items focusing on certain areas of the world, with eight collections presented over four times in the year.
Based on the shop’s seasonal and product diversity, Jamo designed the store with the image of a foreign marketplace in mind, in particular, using canvas to create a tent-like façade. Different zones were created in the store, with the central area for Shibuya, Japan to the right and overseas to the left. At the same time, Jamo created adjustable display fixtures: boxes made of larch plywood that can be switched out to fit the needs of the current collection of product.
The space kept its rough appearance but was given the finishings necessary to enable it to serve as a focal point for “transmitting culture”.


2012年9月14日に、渋谷パルコ パート1にオープンした「Meetscal ストア by once A month」は、“Meets Culture, Meets Local”をキーワードに、年4回・計8地域を紹介し、国内外に広がるパルコのネットワークを活かした「モノ」と「コト」を販売するエディットショップ。多種多様な旬のコンテンツを扱う同ショップのコンセプトに基づき、海外のマーケットをイメージし、キャンバスを使いテントのようなファサードを計画。また、店内のセンターを渋谷、左を海外、右を日本にまつわるプロダクトを扱うコーナーといった具合にゾーニングしながら、ラーチ合板のボックスを入れ替えるだけで、あらゆる商材に対応可能な可変性のある什器を制作。ラフな雰囲気を残しながら、カルチャー発信基地に相応しい機能的な空間に仕上げた。