RETAIL / Shinjuku Tokyo, 2012

The New York-based boutique OPENING CEREMONY takes the concept of a “new shopping experience” and offers new style and culture together with a refined sensibility. After opening their flagship store in Shibuya, they opened their second store in Japan in the “Lumine” shopping center in Shinjuku. The design concept for the new store is the idea of a “grid” pattern.
For the 2nd floor, where apparel is sold, fully adjustable fixtures were specially created out of melamine and acrylic boxes that strike a balance with the warmer wood material used. The space is given a rough atmosphere (for example, with ductwork that runs along a grid pattern) but at the same time is highly functional with essentially no dead space.
On the 1st floor, the grid pattern was expressed through post-modern inspired over-scaled tile work and check carpeting. While striking a balance with the monotone black and white color scheme, Jamo also decorated the space with fixtures in the shape of people and a shelving unit that spells out the word “HELLO” in order to create a space in keeping with the sense of playfulness that characterizes OPENING CEREMONY stores.


"新しいショッピング体験"をコンセプトに、高感度で新しいスタイルとカルチャーを発信するNY発のセレクトショップOPENING CEREMONY。渋谷の籏艦店に続き、ルミネ新宿店ルミネ2にオープンした2号店のデザインコンセプトは、“グリッド”。アパレルを扱う2Fは、温かみのあるウッドを基調にメラミン、アクリルのボックスを自由に入れ替えられる可変性のある造作什器を制作。グリッド状に走る配線ダクトなど、ラフな雰囲気を残しながらも、デッドスペースを作らないよう機能的な空間に仕上げた。一方、1Fはポストモダンを彷彿とさせるスケールアウトしたタイル、床に敷いたカーペットでグリッドを表現。モノトーンを基調にしながらも、人型什器や“HELLO”の文字を象った壁面シェルフなどで、同ショップらしい遊び心を散りばめた。