RETAIL / Sendai , 2012

In March 2012, the Japanese retailer BEAMS moved its store in Sendai to a building situated in the city’s most beloved district. The store carries men’s and women’s apparel spanning casual and business attire as well as items for “special occasions”. With the aim of making this diversity of product externally visible, Jamo installed a large yellow sign running the height of the shop window, from 1st to 2nd floor. We then created interior zones based on the 4 areas that emerge out of the placement of this sign: 1st floor for womenswear, 2nd floor for menswear, and casual and business sections for each. Jamo set these areas up with functionality in mind as well as the ease with which shoppers could peruse and shop in each areas. The ultimate aim was to create a landmark store for the so-called “city of trees”, one that could be appreciated by both younger and older shoppers.