RETAIL / Shinjuku Tokyo, 2012

Keita Maruyama held a cherry blossom festival-themed exhibition on the center stage of Isetan Shinjuku’s 1st floor from 28 March to 3 April 2012. The concept of the exhibition was “beautiful country, kind people” and the theme given to us by Keita Maruyama was to have a space that reflects the “sense of elevation and movement” of a festival at a Japanese temple or shrine. Jamo first created a color palette based on the keyword “alluring”, which appeared in the Japanese title of the exhibition. Black, blue and pink were selected as the foundation colors and the exhibition design was built around these. A rotating platform of cheap festival sweets, a fixture recalling a festival vendor’s cart, and a large wheel of flowers all came together to create an exhibition space with a strong festival-like atmosphere. The floor plan was designed so that passers-by could see into the exhibition from all 4 sides of the stage and observe the scene within, where a great celebration was taking place under boughs of cherry blossoms in full bloom.


2012年3月28日から4月3日まで、伊勢丹新宿店本館1階 ザ・ステージで開催されたKEITA MARUYAMA TOKYO PARISの期間限定イベント「丸山敬太的艶姿桜祭」。“美しい国、やさしい人”をコンセプトにした同イベントの会場構成において、デザイナーの丸山氏から与えられたテーマは、“縁日のような高揚感とムーブ(動き)のある空間”。まず、艶やかさをキーワードにカラーチャートを作成。黒、ブルー、ピンクの3色を象徴的な色として抽出し、空間に落とし込むことからデザインを始めた。加えて、駄菓子の回転台に見立てた什器、縁日の屋台から着想した壁面什器、花輪といったエンターテイメント性のある装飾で、インパクトのある祝祭的な空間に。平面的には、4方の入り口すべてから、会場が見渡せるよう工夫し、満開の桜の下で繰り広げられる春の宴を作り上げた。