Demi-Luxe BEAMS

RETAIL / Nihonbashi Tokyo, 2011

The store Demi-Luxe opened in the Coredo shopping center in Tokyo's central Nihonbashi area. Its target customers are women who have grown up with an understanding of what it means to have a sense of "high quality". The theme for the interior is "a space that appears to reflect a particular woman's hobbies." With the image of such a woman's refined home in mind, Jamo paid close attention to the design of such details as materials, color combinations, fitting rooms and glass vitrines.

The front of the store―offering apparel for everyday―was given an open and lively feel with the image of the front hall of the woman's residence. The back of the store―with more luxurious items―uses closet-like fixtures affixed to the walls and creates a more private atmosphere like that of a woman's bedroom so that customers can enjoy lingering over the process of looking over each item. The wall fixtures also make effective use of the interior's corners, which often end up as dead space in stores, and are able to show off the individual beauty of diverse product ranges. The four fitting rooms are each differently decorated. Artificial flowers are used on walls and countertop vitrines to create a sense of romanticism.