OFFICE / Harajuku Tokyo, 2011

THE TERMINAL is community space with the concept "work + study + eat + drink + play." It is located in the very heart of Tokyo in the well-known Harajuku area. Not merely an Internet café, this terminal-like space is for people working in creative fields (often freelancers) and those nomadic workers who perform their jobs on the go, moving from one location to another within the city. The interior was inspired by the name of the space and the functions it serves and can be seen as a focal point or "station" for information and exchange. A "shipping" theme was applied to fixtures, which make use of reusable shipping containers and packing crates. Jamo created a space where visitors can relax and in a comfortable setting allow their creative energy to flow. At the same time, the space makes diverse use of natural materials and creates a straightforward atmosphere that doesn't try too hard to stand out. Finally, Jamo decorated the space with interior accessories that bring out the flexibility and playfulness of the Harajuku area.

東京の中心ともいえる原宿駅から徒歩6分に位置する「Work+study+Eat+Drink+Play」がコンセプトのコミュニティスペースTHE TERMINAL。インターネットカフェとしてだけでなく、"ノマドワーカー"と呼ばれる都会で移動しながら働く人たちや、フリーランスを中心とするクリエイターにとってのターミナルスペース。スペースの機能と店名からのインスピレーションを、情報やコミュニケーションにおける"中継地点"として捉え、輸送手段の間で積替えが可能である貨物用コンテナや、枠組木箱などをモチーフとし造作に置き換えた。来店者をリラックスさせ、クリエイティビティを心地よく最大限に高めるようにと、自然素材を多様し、奇をてらわないオーソドックスな造作に終始した。また、小物のデコレーションにより、原宿の柔軟で遊び心のある演出を行った。