Heather Ota

RETAIL / Ota Gunma, 2011

Heather AEON Ota is a brand of women's apparel, which, according to the brand, offers "a girlish style that effortlessly incorporates just the right amount of trend looks". In designing the store for the brand, Jamo made use of the space's high ceiling and divided the space into high and low. In the "high" areas, the brand's image is expressed through elements that highlight their unique visuals. "Low" areas are given the functional role of presenting product so that it is easy for customers to take in hand. The high-low layout allows the shop to transmit its brand image by making visible even to passers-by who do not actually enter the store. The brand's style, which targets romantically minded young women, is expressed through pastel striped wallpaper, patchwork carpet made of small rugs, soft rounded fixtures, and randomly placed prefab mirrors in various shapes.