EATERY / Futako-tamagawa Tokyo, 2010

An area within the Futako-Tamgawa neighborhood of Tokyo has recently had new developments built there, including a new high-rise residential tower where the French bistro Allo is situated on one corner. Here, Jamo worked to recreate the feeling found in such an establishment in Paris. Rather than a simple, superficial imitation of shape and color, Jamo was particular about creating "the real thing", that is, a timeless space created both through shapes derived from actual bistro materials and functions as well as through the proper selection of materials and finishings. The wood paneling of the walls went through 5 stages in the finishing process of bringing it from the base panel to the finish used here. In doing so it was possible to bring out the greatest possible beauty of the wood. In the ceiling these went through twice the normal finishing process. As a result it was possible to create an atmosphere that stands out as unique from the surrounding crowd of cold high-rise buildings.