RETAIL / Matsuyama Ehime, 2009

This store brings together BEAMS' men's and women's wear in a shop in the 2nd floor of the ANA Hotel in Matsuyama. Keeping in mind the idea that people enter hotels from many entrances and directions, Jamo designed this store with numerous entrances so that customers, who could be looking for any one of the many types of products offered by BEAMS, can easily find the sales area they are looking for. Jamo incorporated a feeling of the outdoors into the women's section by building a glass wall in the area where the hotel's outside terrace once was, thus giving this section a free and open atmosphere with high ceilings and good natural lighting. Jamo also experimented with large-scale devices such as a staircase that allows customers to enter the store without having to go through the hotel. In doing so, the project went beyond being just about "design direction" and aimed to create a pleasant shopping environment.