EATERY / Naka-meguro Tokyo, 2007

This bistro on the fifth floor of a newly constructed building looks out on Tokyo's Meguro River, home to many eating and drinking establishments each of which tends to present a colorful picture of their owner's idiosyncrasies. Jamo sought to create a space that is both a classic urban bistro as well as a reflection of the owners, where their loves and ideas pour out not only from its location and, naturally, food, but also from every corner of the interior and tableware. So that guests can create entertaining stories when they come here, Jamo developed the image of "a married couple who loves Morocco and opened a 'wine bistro' in Paris' 5th" in order to inspire their design for the interior. A typical Paris bistro was made the foundation for the overall design and detailing. Building on this, Jamo created a large display at the entrance, displays along the walls near dining tables, an area where Moroccan lamps hang from a mirror-paneled ceiling, and other visual elements for guests to enjoy in addition to the engaging view offered as they gaze out the windows.