Brasserie ON HOA

EATERY / Ebisu Tokyo, 2006

The Ebisu and Daikanyama areas of Tokyo tend to appeal to women who enjoy shopping for fashion and home accessories. Jamo had this in mind when designing "Brasserie ON HOA", which is located amid these neighborhoods, and created contrasting atmospheres in the bar and dining areas. The bar embodies "French classic" with a large red bar counter where patrons may wait for their table and get a look behind the glass walls at the bistro's 1,245-bottle cellar of organic wines. The dining room is designed with Vietnamese furniture and uses natural materials with a slightly distressed look in order to create a charming shabby-chic French country style. Jamo aimed to create spacious seating areas by creating well-designed terrace seating, an atmosphere of tables gathered around a fireplace, and the appearance of a French bistro one might find in Vietnam.