About Jamo associates

Jamo associates started with a staff of one in 2000 and has grown to an office of eleven (plus one dog). The average age of our office is thirty-two. We come from diverse backgrounds such as music, dance and graphic design. In 2003 Jamo started a type of collaborative work it calls "Jamo projects", in which the office's architecture and styling teams work together on interior design projects. Each year over 20 Jamo projects are produced. A number of such projects are currently under way with both Japanese and international clients. Jamo has established a reputation for creating spaces in all areas of retail, hospitality, and residential projects. It is known for developing design concepts with an awareness of diverse perspectives, for careful detailing, and for refined use of color and materials. Jamo also designs interior products. With an increase in the availability of such products outside Japan as well as offers to design them, Jamo is making plans to bring its products to a worldwide audience.

About Norito Takahashi / Chinatsu Kambayashi

Norito Takahashi

After interior study and work in architecture, Takahashi began Exit Metal Work Supply which works not only in interior and funiture design but aloso production with 4 others. The following 4 years saw his work with Exit take shape in the design, planning and production of store display fixtures. His subsequent work as an independent designer took a new path when he began his current design work with interior stylist Chinatsu Kambayashi under the name of their group Jamo associates. His work for Jamo includes interiors for retail. dining, bar, office and exhibition spaces as well as fixtures, furniture and lamps.

Chinatsu Kambayashi

Before beginning work on the planning team behind the revival of fashion and interior's Gap Magazine, Kambayashi studied interior decoration and then spent several years in England. It was at Gap that Kambayashi worked with chief editor on the interior and food sections. After Gap and her subsequent independent work, she teamed up with Norito Takahashi to form Jamo associates under whose name she currently does total concept styling in fashion, food and interior, advertising, magazine, catalog, shop coordination, display and direction.

jamo associatesジャモアソシエイツ



Norito Takahashi高橋紀人

インテリアデザインを学んだ後、1996年にアイアンワークス&デザインオフィス、EXIT metal work supplyの立ち上げメンバーとしてキャリアをスタート。自ら鉄を扱い作品を制作しながら、プロダクトデザイン、インテリアデザインに没頭し、東京でも数々の個展を開催。立ち上げチーム解散と同時に2000年に独立。クラブスペースから、フォトグラファーの撮影スタジオ、リテイルストア、大型店舗、百貨店、ホテル、ランドスケープデザインまで、どんなスペースコンセプトに対しても膨大なアイデアと、緻密な計算、多くの経験による機能性の追求、持ち前のバランス感覚で、細部までこだわる美しい空間を仕上げる。使うひと、訪れた人々になにを感じてほしいかを形にする。 Norito Takahashi

Chinatsu Kambayashi神林 千夏

インテリアスタイリスト。インテリアデコレーションを学び渡英。世界中を旅して帰国後、雑誌編集を経てフリーのスタイリストとして活躍。2000年に高橋紀人とともにJamo Associatesをスタート。衣・食・住をトータルでファッションと捉えたスタイルで、雑誌や広告、カタログのスタイリングのほか、展示会やショーウィンドウディスプレイ、ショップ空間のコーディネートなどを手がける。現在カリフォルニアに在住し2012年よりギフトブティックプロジェクトEarly Birdsをスタート。2013年には初の著書『I found it ! Little treasure of the world 世界でみつけた これ、なぁに?』をスペースシャワーブックスより出版。 Chinatsu Kambayashi